Culture: Now What?

California Passes Historic Reform Legislation—Now What?

All things change, all things evolve, all things mature. The current players in the cannabis industry must see what’s on the horizon. Learn from the experiences from the repeal of alcohol prohibition, from the experiences of cannabis legalization in other states and learn that you cannot live in a bubble anymore. Big tobacco is already here; big alcohol is already here. Earlier this summer, a federal raid in remote Modoc County shut down an unlicensed, monstrous eight-acre greenhouse setup on tribal land. It was revealed that the funding and management for this project had come from a foreign national tobacco executive, previously convicted for cigarette smuggling. Over in the state of Nevada, in their upcoming legalization ballot measure, the powerful liquor lobby secured the exclusive right to distribute cannabis. Big pharma is hovering around the edges, as are hedge funds and billionaires. Is the present cannabis industry ready to compete with these big players? Can they survive what lies ahead?

Cannabis culture is about to become even more mainstream, and the benefits of consumption will be spread to the masses. Clear rules and standards are coming, to encourage new customers into the market, to encourage new cities to open themselves up for business. We’ll see new products and better quality products, a great new era for artisanal flower, high-end extracts and scrumptious edibles. We’ll see cannabis tourism rise, as farms become open for visitors and consumption lounges spread from city to city. That’s what’s next, if we don’t slow down, if we keep pushing the cannabis culture, keeping working the political angles and allow the great cannabis companies here in California to show the world what’s possible.