Even without much written in law, our medical cannabis industry here in California is mature and robust, serving as an engine for jobs, commerce, culture and medicine. That is something worth fighting for, and worth fighting for our industry’s recognition in Sacramento as a special interest and an equal player, alongside the dentists, the firefighters, craft brewers, and so forth. We’ve developed industry best practices, testing protocols, and contributed to our communities – it’s time to have this professionalism and self-regulation recognized as well.



We are moving inexorably towards 2016 and again the timidity and indecision of our state legislators to pass legislation has prevented California from moving past a largely self-regulated cannabis industry. Good operators will go above and beyond to lab test their medicine, to invest in safe and attractive dispensaries, to properly label infused products, and to safely manufacture cannabis extracts.



Prohibition against cannabis is ending, professionalism within the cannabis industry is just beginning. It is exciting to be a part of a vibrant and responsible industry, one advancing itself at the same time that it promotes social justice and sustainability. A cannabis economy is a natural economy. There are so many exciting things going on right now within the cannabis industry are the Women GROW movement and a growing awareness of the sustainability of sungrown cannabis. Within a few years we will soon see massive, sustainable, values-driven industries blossom, as great entrepreneurs connect with other great entrepreneurs and change the world just a bit for the better.