California is often looked to for a peek at our global future, as we have a tendency to be on the cutting edge or often the leader in so many industries: wine, film, craft brewing, medical research, personal computers, cloud computing, etc. Public policies and industry practices being developed here will end up bringing forward a great new, innovative era for legal cannabis in the years to come. One of my favorite authors, William Gibson, once said “The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed.”



California is a society simultaneously constrained by our contradictions and empowered by our diversity. We have already built amazing things and yet we know that our greatest days are still ahead of us. We have a rich history and a robust economy and yet we are too often pessimistic about our state and its ability to overcome adversity. We have the style and the smarts, the fashion and the passion, to invent the future every damn day. Isn’t it good to be Californian?